Fecto Group of Industries was established in 1954 in the former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The major activities at that time were trading and assembling of electrical appliances and wires etc. After the separation of the former East Pakistan, the group shifted to West Pakistan (now Pakistan). The group re-organized it’s activities from scratch and aimed to move progressively from trading to industries. Presently, the group manages 12 public quoted, un-quoted and private limited companies besides many other businesses/activities carried on in partnership & joints ventures.

The companies managed by the group are:

  1. Fecto (Pakistan-Private) Limited.

  2. Fecto Belarus Tractors Limited.

  3. Fecto Automobiles (Private) Limited.

  4. Raza Fecto Tractors (Private) Limited.

  5. Fecto Cement Limited.

  6. Fecto Sugar Mill Limited.

  7. Fecto Orient (Private) Limited.

  8. Baba Farid Sugar Mill Limited.

  9. Frontier Paper Products (Private) Ltd.

  10. Gadoon Paper Products (Private) Ltd.

  11. Pak Agro Forestry Corp (Private) Ltd.

  12. Al-Asad Clearing & Forwarding Agency.

To organize these industries, the group was further divided into three sub groups.

     Group A    - Automobiles, Engineering, Paper & Trading etc.

     Group B    - Cement.

     Group C    - Sugar & Allied Products.

We manage Group A and are registered as “Raza Fecto Group of Industries”.